The Healing Program at Kaveri... managing stress to restore tranquility and balance

Manipura Chakra Meditation

  • Improves the digestive process and removes all problems connected with digestion.
  • Constipation acidity and indigestion can be easily removed.
  • It induces lightness to the whole of the abdominal viscera.
  • The whole body feels light and relaxed.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

  • It results in physiological peace and tranquility.
  • It produces a contusive state for recovery from Psycho-somatic disorders.
  • One hour of yoga nidhra is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep.
  • It reduces high blood pressure.
  • Removes all physical mental and emotional tensions.

Anti ageing meditation -CHAKRAS


  • Chakras are the centres of vital energy. They are also junctions of the body, prana and mind. Activation and balancing of the chakras brings perfect health of the body and mind. This is possible through chakra meditation.
  • For age reversal there are many processes in Yoga, Ayurveda and modern medicine but without having to resort to external aids, spend a few minutes of your time for chakra meditation and get rejuvenated. Full chakra healing meditation for anti- ageing is given at Carnoustie Resorts.

Anti ageing meditation


  • Meditation is the art of treating the special vital points on the human body, and this is one of the greatest healing secrets of Ayurveda. It can be used to detoxify the body, strengthen and revitalize vital organs, and release blocked energies in the body. Through these energy points we can stimulate the function of internal organs, strengthen self-healing power, and harmonize the mind and body. The benefits of this therapy are, · Balancing of Chakras (energy centres of the body)



  • Increasing Immunity (improve the healing power).
  • Clearing of emotional blockages.
  • Very effective for anxiety & depression.
  • To increase vitality and vigour.
  • To improve the memory and concentration.

The Healing Program at Kaveri... a unique amalgamation of therapies

Stress is an inexorable fallout of today's fast paced life style and has become an integral part of our lives. We cannot wish it away. Acknowledging its presence and then finding ways and means to control and ultimately eradicate it, would be a more practical approach. Chronic stress can take a heavy toll on our health and well-being and hence cannot be ignored. The Healing Program at Kaveriis a unique amalgamation of the best therapeutic practices of Ayurveda with Yoga asanas (body postures), Meditation and Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Pranic Healing and Reiki. This integrative approach to stress management heals both physically and emotionally/mentally and helps the guest to exercise greater control over his/her mind and body. It trains the mind to stay composed, positive and stress free despite external disrupting forces.

Thalam... nourishing the brain with herbal oils

Thalam is one of the oldest and most popular Ayurvedic treatments for mental abnormalities and neuroticdisorders. Inthistreatmentamixtureofmedicatedoilsandherbsispouredintoasealed funneled cap like mechanism and allowed to hold for a specific period of time (20-40 mins) to allow the mixture to be partially absorbed by the scalp. The treatment is known to nourish and rejuvenate the scalp and the brain cells and prevents and cures brain damage. This treatment soothes the ear, nose and throat passages as well as combats mental tension and headaches. It is very effective in curing anxiety disorder, insomnia, migraine, chronic depression and mental stress. It improves memory and concentration.